Samples and special products logistics

Comprehensive service in the management of samples and Dangerous Goods, covering consultancy, documentation, handling, packaging and temperature controlled transport with passive cold solutions.

Sometimes it is more difficult to send
a sample than a container.

Risk-free shipments of samples, special products or dangerous goods, which in many cases require a large investment in R&D.

Comprehensive service ranging from consultancy, documentation, handling, labelling, packaging and transport.

Safety, reliability and quality are crucial in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector. That is why leading research and development centres, laboratories and hospitals rely on Tecnisample.

Discover our range of biomedical packaging and logistics services.

We maintain control of the temperature of your goods throughout the process, guaranteeing their properties and safety from origin to destination.

We offer passive cold solutions, by means of isothermal packaging, for the transport of materials that require a cold chain.

More than 25 years of experience endorse us as a logistics service partner specialising in the management of samples and hazardous products, providing the fastest, simplest and safest solutions for shipment all over the world.

The union of our two companies in the TecnisampleFríobox Group allows us to offer our clients a unique, comprehensive and personalised service, guaranteeing temperature-controlled transits.

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We provide the fastest, easiest and safest solutions
for shipping samples worldwide.

Sample management

Tecnisample is the fastest, easiest simple, fast and secure method of sending samples all over the world

Mercancías peligrosas

Forget about complex dangerous goods regulations dangerous goods regulations and ship with ship with confidence

Biomedical logistics

We offer several solutions in biomedical packaging biomedical packaging for the transport of diagnostic samples

Handling and packaging of hazmat goods

We are specialists in packing, handling, packing, handling, splitting and shipping dangerous goods anywhere in the world

Tailor-made solutions

We have a range of solutions solutions related to dangerous goods, tailored to your needs. to suit your needs - just ask us!

Temperature controlled logistics

We cover the whole chain, handling, packaging, storage and shipment of temperature-controlled temperature controlled

Thanks to our exhaustive knowledge of the ADR regulations and peculiarities that govern the sector and the fact that, as a forwarding company, we have IATA agents in our team of consultants, we stand out from the competition as a single point of contact for everything related to the management of biomedical samples, special products and dangerous goods, offering tailor-made solutions for each client.

Special product logistics
at your fingertips

Unique door-to-door service worldwide


Product logistics for certification and quality

National company of inspection and certification of products, supplier to companies around the world to ensure the quality and safety of their products and processes. It needed a logistics operator capable of collecting samples throughout the peninsular territory and islands.

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Warehousing and distribution of samples worldwide

Multinational company dedicated to the manufacture of ingredients for food preservation and health preservation with innovative solutions. Due to its wide range of products and markets, it needed a warehousing and distribution service for samples all over the world, including Dangerous Goods.

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Health sciences, research and transport of biological samples

Leading research institute in the field of chronic disease therapies, cancer and personalized medicine. For the logistics of their clinical trials, they needed a company that could provide a wide range of services to meet all the requirements of the samples and biological specimens to be transported.

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