We have the widest variety of cold chain accessories so that your temperature controlled transport always meets your requirements.

What do you need temperature controlled accessories for?

Accessories for temperature-controlled logistics are key components are key components to ensure that temperature sensitive temperature sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals such as pharmaceuticals, food biological products, among others, are kept in proper conditions during in proper conditions during transport and storage. and storage.

These accessories are essential for maintaining the cold chain, as they help protect products from temperature fluctuations that can affect their quality and safety.

see our range of accessories for temperature controlled logistics

Flexible accumulators for positive temperatures

ACumulador flexible

+2ºc + 8ºc


Non-toxic gel, free of colorants and additives
totally innocuous in case of spillage
and contact with the products

It can be disposed of in any conventional container. Can be used as an accumulator of positive charges (heat) in a range between 15ºC and 25ºC.

Rigid accumulators for positive temperatures

Acumuladores rígidos para temperaturas positivas o negativas

+2ºc + 8ºc


Eutectic solution based on water
and non-toxic Glycol. Highly resistant format
to compression.

Avoids deformation of the accumulator once frozen, possible breakage and spillage, allows intensive reuse.

Rigid accumulators for negative temperatures

Acumuladores rígidos para temperaturas positivas o negativas

+2ºc + 8ºc


Non toxic, eutectic gel, formulated to achieve
to achieve storage temperatures
around -21º C

Made of HDPE, it is highly resistant to compression at low temperatures and can be reused extensively and can be in contact with foodstuffs.

Isothermal Covers

Fundas o mantas Isotérmicas cubre pallet


Isothermal pallet covers, ideal for protecting goods from short impacts of positive or negative temperatures. Available in American and European formats.

Our isothermal sleeves are customisable, reusable and adaptable to any type of pallet or packaging.

Temperature recorders

Registradores de tempera o dataloggers

Guaranteed security


Range of temperature recorders depending on the ranges and times required.

Its application is essential in the recording and control of temperature during transport.

Fully reusable.

Customisation of cold accumulators

Most of the accumulators, from certain quantities we can customise in measures, printing, size, etc...