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Health sciences, research and transport of biological samples

Leading research institute in the field of chronic disease therapies, cancer and personalized medicine. For the logistics of their clinical trials, they needed a company that could provide a wide range of services to meet all the requirements of the samples and biological specimens to be transported, which mainly required:

  • Technical and appropriate packaging to ensure and support the different temperature ranges, including import services with dry ice needs at origin.
  • Documentary and customs formalities.
  • Classification of materials according to their hazardousness UN 2814, 2900, 3373. -Sanitary certifications and Export/import licenses.
  • Transport in optimal time and temperature. For Tecnisample all a challenge, given the complexity of the services, the degree of compliance with the transits and taking into account that the diagnostic material must be transported at the right temperature and in the right packaging, if these requirements are not met some tests and analysis can not be carried out, all a challenge in creating logistics and the perfect solution to meet the expectations of our client.

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