Cardboard boxes / foam / aluminum allow protection during transportation of products requiring controlled temperature. The design of these boxes allows to store the folded and stacking packaging, reducing warehouse space, contrary to what happens with other types of packaging such as expanded polystyrene. Furthermore, these insulated boxes have a wide variety of standard sizes and are easily printable like to customize to suit the client in relatively short runs.


  • Its format greatly reduces the volume in stock
  • Made with recyclable materials
  • Different coatings: cardboard, aluminum, polyester film
  • Aluminum with laminated foam is a 100% recyclable product.


  • Ideal for any product that requires controlled temperature.
  • For transportation of pharmaceutical, biomedical, diagnostic samples, etc ...
  • Transportation of foodstuffs, perishable, samples.

Other options:

  • They are easily printable in flexo or offset
  Medida interior Medida exterior
1 178x160x138 191x180x165
2 200x205x190 215X220X225
3 215x215x215 230x230x245
4 225x110x95 235x125x125
5 300x306x465 315x320x496
6 308x308x354 323x323x385
7 315x315x249 330x330x280
8 328x242x205 343x260x235
9 335x340x422 355x360x458
10 340x300x 205 355x320x235
11 490x360x185 505x375x215
12 600x450x300 620x475x340
13 230x120x95 235x120x95
14 610x480x490 700x495x540
15 450x390x350 460x400x380
16 430x330x260 435x350x280

Sobre nosotros

Nuestra larga experiencia en el transporte de mercancias peligrosas o de temperatura controlada nos permite realizar toda la compleja tramitación de este tipo de cargas ante la inspección y las autoridades aduaneras.
Todo ello unido a nuestro impecable servicio de recogida, embalaje, almacenamiento y distribución hacen de Tecnisample el partner ideal y su único interlocutor para el envío de mercancías peligrosas o de temperatura controlada.



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