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Details are important when shipping dangerous goods. Non-standard labelling or missing security seals can mean the difference between a smooth shipment or the start of a long and costly process.

Our accessories are validated and tested to comply with the most stringent dangerous goods regulations.


Don’t gamble and use approved material for your shipments.

Adhesive labels MM.PP.

Approved dangerous goods labels for explosives, gases, flammable, oxidising, toxic, infectious, radioactive, corrosive and miscellaneous hazards.

Intermediate packaging

These are packagings placed between the objects or inner packaging and the outer packaging (according to ADR 2003 European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).


We have all types of security seals such as flanges, nails, reinforced adhesive strips, etc. approved UN for dangerous goods according to current regulations.

Filling material

Vermiculita - Material de relleno

Vermiculite is a sterile, inert, non-combustible material suitable as a filler in packaging containing hazardous liquid products.