Isothermal packaging

Fabricamos y comercializamos una amplia gama de embalajes y cajas isotérmicas en distintos tamaños, materiales y espesores para ofrecer siempre la solución más adecuada.Contamos con un stock permanente de todos los productos para entrega inmediata. Asimismo podemos realizar embalajes a medida para necesidades especiales.

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Ecombox caja isotérmica reciclable de Tecnisample



Recyclable packaging solution designed to ship perishable and temperature sensitive products.

Thermal insulation made of kraft paper, the flexibility of the material allows it to adjust to the content. From certain quantities we can customize with your corporate image.

EPS boxes


Good thermal performance

Standard EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) boxes in various sizes for use with cold accumulators or dry ice.

a very light synthetic material used in the field of Packaging thanks to its unequalled performance in terms of cushioning, insulation and protection.

We have different boxes with capacity from 1.5 L to 79 L. Thicknesses from 13mm to 54mm.

ISOPUR (polyurethane)

Embalaje isotérmico de poliuretano ISOPUR

2-8 ° C / 15-25 ° C / -18-21º C


Boxes made of Polyurethane Foam with thicknesses between 30 and 80 mm. Material with a solid, uniform and resistant structure that has a high insulating capacity due to its low thermal conductivity.

These boxes can be used with positive or negative cold accumulators and also with dry ice.

If dry ice is used to maintain negative temperatures we can guarantee the cold chain for more than 168 hours of transport.

Reusable isothermal boxes

Cajas isotérmica reutilizable ISOBIOTEC

UN 3373

High resistance

Highly resistant hard plastic outer box, specialised in the transport of medicines and dangerous goods at controlled temperatures.

Isothermal pallets

Palets isotérmicos CISO


High resistance

Isothermal container + plastic pallet included Specially designed for when large capacity isothermal packaging is required for temperature-controlled shipments.

They can be used in combination with eutectic plates for refrigerated products or with dry ice for frozen products. Optimal logistical solution for circuits where cold chain transport is not possible or cost-effective.

Isothermal boxes with VIP panels

Cajas isotérmicas con paneles VIP

2-8 ° C / 15-25 ° C / -18-21º C

From 24 to 140h

Isothermal box with VIP vacuum insulated panels. It greatly reduces the volume and weight of the packaging, saving on transport, space and the number of accumulators to be used.

Ideal for shipping high value materials, which require very strict temperature control.

The thermal conductivity of VIP honeycombs at room temperature is 0.00036 W/m K. This is approximately 10 times lower than expanded polystyrene.

Rely on our isothermal packs for cold logistics

Isothermal packaging is a crucial aspect in ensuring the safety of products that require a cold chain. These packs are designed to maintain a constant temperature during the transport and storage of products, thus avoiding sudden changes in temperature that could affect their quality and safety.

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