sample management services

Commercial samples represent a fundamental asset for companies that rely on them to get future orders. A good sample management ensures a better return on investment and increased customer satisfaction:

Tecnisample is the safest, fastest and easiest one-stop solution to send samples worldwide

Tecnisample provides comprehensive sample management services that span the whole cycle from order to delivery through storage, handling, fractionation, packaging, labelling and documentation. Tecnisample has a long experience in managing all types of samples including dangerous goods and/or temperature-sensitive goods along with a deep knowledge of regulations and peculiarities ruling the sector, which allows us to stand out from the competition as the sole interlocutor for all matters relating to sample management.

Maximize your profit by outsourcing this service to us. You will get lower shipping times, less waste and incidents and will benefit from reduced transport fees thanks to scale economies and the special agreements we have with all major logistics operators.


Your company will get significant savings in costs with sample management outsourcing:

  • You will free up precious space in your warehouse to dedicate to your business
  • You not need to have specialized personnel in handling dangerous goods and / or international shipments
  • You will get the best rates of transport thanks to our volume agreements with carriers
  • You save on the cost of the packaging of whatever type it is (isothermal/dangerous goods, etc.)
  • You will benefit from working with a single provider: less paperwork and better workflows.
  • You will have fewer errors and incidents in your shipments beacuse they are properly packaged, labeled and documented.
  • You will have less waste while keeping a tight check on your inventories

On demand sample handle and shipping services

  • Storage at room temperature or controlled temperature
  • Fractionation and processing of products including dangerous goods
  • White chamber and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Packaging, marking and labelling of samples according to the current regulations in the various countries and carriers
  • Rigorous preparation of all necessary shipping documentation and clearance of goods whether they are dangerous or not
  • Stock management, inventory control and monitoring with automatic system alerts based on quantity and expiration of samples
  • Cloud based sample ordering system accessible from anywhere and from any device
  • Access to the warehouse back-end system in real time to see details of stock, order status, costs, etc.
  • Tracking service and incidents with real-time e-mail notification
  • Own production of dry ice


Tecnisample's room-temperature wharehouse detail





  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemistry
  • Oil and derivatives
  • Food
  • Biomedical
  • Cosmetics
  • Perishable and dangerous products
  • Tecnisample a single contact, fast, easy and safe to send samples to everyone.


Tecnisample produces and markets a wide range of primary and secondary packaging approved and / or insulated to meet the needs of our customers. All references are in permanent stock of operating with large volumes allows us to apply very competitive prices that will make her even more profitable and with the advantage of dealing with a single supplier operating.

  • Insulated packaging
  • Approved packages
  • Approved labels
  • Secondary packaging
  • Drums, jerricans, bottles, etc.
  • Presentation of service

Sobre nosotros

Nuestra larga experiencia en el transporte de mercancias peligrosas o de temperatura controlada nos permite realizar toda la compleja tramitación de este tipo de cargas ante la inspección y las autoridades aduaneras.
Todo ello unido a nuestro impecable servicio de recogida, embalaje, almacenamiento y distribución hacen de Tecnisample el partner ideal y su único interlocutor para el envío de mercancías peligrosas o de temperatura controlada.



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