Tecnisample offers logistics solutions for the biomedical sector, aware that safety and reliability are crucial.

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Biomedical logistics is a specific branch of logistics that focuses on managing the supply chain of biomedical, medical, pharmaceutical and biological products, ensuring the right conditions to maintain safety and efficiency through planning, storage, transport and distribution, to comply with health and quality regulations and to guarantee traceability and traceability.

Our team uses different equipment and technologies to ensure that products are kept in the required temperature ranges, such as isothermal packaging, validated or pre-qualified kits, refrigerated containers and temperature monitoring and control systems to monitor and record storage and transport conditions.

Services for the biomedical and life sciences sector

  • Management of biomedical samples: We transport diagnostic samples strictly under the appropriate packaging and temperature conditions, avoiding risks to public health and possible alterations to the results with full guarantees.
  • Handling and packaging: Tecnisample has a wide variety of valid packaging for the transport of biological substances, standard packaging or packaging made to measure with our own designs, adapting to the specific needs of each client.
  • Selection of the packaging, which can be a standard single-use packaging or an adapted reusable packaging.
  • Transport of Biomedical samples: We offer different alternatives for the collection, storage and temperature-controlled shipment (refrigerated or frozen) of biological samples such as: vaccines, serum, drugs, tissues, blood, umbilical cord blood, corneas, bone marrow, semen, etc.
    We can transport any sensitive biological sample at any temperature range, meeting the requirements of the substances to be transported.
  • Consulting of biological samples: We are fully aware of all legal requirements, ADR (land) and IATA (air) regulations, permits and certifications, which are necessary for the transport of diagnostic samples, infectious substances (category A) and biological substances (category B) in compliance with P620 and P650 and 620/650 IATA packing instructions.
  • Specialised documentation: Shipment of samples, in compliance with the regulations in force, and their corresponding documentation and labelling if required.
  • Coldchain for biological substances: Verification of the cold chain, for which different intelligent labelling systems or temperature recorders can be used to ensure that the temperature ranges defined for each shipment have not been exceeded.
Logística biomédica

Specific biomedical packaging applications

Reusable biomedical packaging

Preparación general de envíos de sustancias infecciosas para su transporte
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At Tecnisample we can offer you various solutions in biomedical packaging for the transport of diagnostic samples for hospitals, circuits between laboratories, home extractions, veterinary field, etc. with a wide variety of kits, with their primary and secondary containers and outer boxes, single-use and reusable.

Triple packaging system for biological samples

This packaging system, to be used for all infectious substances (Category A and B), comprises the following three layers:

  • Primary container.
  • Secondary packaging.
  • Rigid outer packaging.

Tecnisample, the method faster, simpler and safer to send samples all over the world.

Specific needs of biomedical logistics

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Due to the characteristics of biomedical products, such as their sensitivity to environmental conditions and their risk of deterioration, biomedical logistics have specific needs:
  • Temperature control: Medicines, vaccines and biological products require specific storage and transport conditions to ensure their quality and safety. This includes temperature control, as many biomedical products are sensitive to temperature variations.
  • Transport safety: Safe and secure transport under the right conditions is essential to ensure that samples or biomedical products are not damaged or lost in transit.
  • Regulatory compliance: Biomedical logistics requires compliance with a number of health and quality regulations, including FDA and EU regulations, which require strict traceability and traceability of products throughout the supply chain.
  • Quality control: Rigorous quality control to ensure compliance with required standards, as well as monitoring of storage and transport conditions, and verification of product integrity prior to delivery.

Consulting biological samples

As specialists, we know all the legal requirements, ADR (land) and IATA (air) regulations, permits and certifications that are necessary for the transport of diagnostic samples, infectious substances (category A) and biological substances (category B) in compliance with ADR packaging instructions P620 and P650.

Currently and due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19 and later by Monkeypox and in order to prevent new infections, it is essential and fundamental to protect the personnel in charge of handling and transporting this type of substances, with absolute safety, indicating the most appropriate with the proper instructions and the correct packaging options.

Consulting muestras biológicas

UN3373 & UN2814

Biological substances assigned to Category B (UN3373) are all substances which, although they may present a risk to human or animal health, require prior analysis before they can be categorised.

Infectious substances Category A (UN2814/UN2900) are substances known or reasonably believed to contain pathogens. For this reason, they are transported in triple security packaging, complying with the minimum criteria.

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Tecnisample is your ideal partner for shipping samples worldwide with a secure, reliable and one-stop service.

Tecnisample is your ideal partner for shipping samples worldwide with a secure, reliable and one-stop service.

Tecnisample is your ideal partner for shipping samples worldwide with a secure, reliable and one-stop service.