Comprehensive logistics service for dangerous goods in compliance with current regulations. We take care of documentation, packaging, logistics and transport.


At Tecnisample we offer a comprehensive service that includes consultancy and handling, packaging, documentation and transport of Dangerous Goods and temperature controlled goods.

Dangerous goods logistics, due to its uniqueness, requires specialised attention and knowledge to ensure the safety of people and the environment.

Transport of dangerous goods

Our professionals have the necessary training and experience to safely and legally handle all aspects of logistics and transport of hazardous materials.

We offer consultancy services to ensure that we comply with all government regulations and international standards (ADRIATA).

We have a wide range of packaging suitable for transporting all types of dangerous goods, UN approved containers and packaging and dangerous goods labels that comply with current regulations.

Our agreements with the main logistics operators that comply with the required safety standards for the transport and shipment of dangerous goods allow us to offer a comprehensive MMPP logistics service as a single interlocutor.

Embalaje y logística de mercancías peligrosas

At TECNISAMPLE we take care of any handling and packaging process, dispatch and documentation of your dangerous goods or samples of hazardous materials.

Depending on your needs, you can deliver and collect the packaged product at our facilities or choose to use our pick-up and delivery service.

¿Qué son las mercancías peligrosas?

Las materias peligrosas son artículos o sustancias capaces de poner en riesgo la salud, la seguridad, la propiedad o el medio ambiente, y están clasificadas como tales por la reglamentación sobre mercancías peligrosas. En general se consideran aquellas sustancias cuya peligrosidad es obvia, tales como: ácidos, alcoholes, combustibles, explosivos, materiales radiactivos, etc. Además otros artículos y sustancias de uso diario en el hogar, tales como, productos para lavar la ropa, aerosoles, termómetros, aditivos alimenticios, perfumes, productos químicos y equipos electrónicos, etc.

What is UN homologation?

UN approval guarantees that the packaging complies with the necessary conditions to contain dangerous substances in a totally safe way. It ensures the physical resistance of the packaging, the chemical compatibility with the product, the control of the temperature range so that the dangerous goods remain in good condition, as well as ensuring the traceability of the shipments and compliance with all the safety measures established by the United Nations.

The packaging must include the material code, packaging group, manufacturer’s data, year of manufacture, country, approval number and approval body, test pressure and UN-tested packaging symbol.

The specifications and regulations for approved packaging are contained in the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). Annex A includes all actions necessary for the handling, classification, packaging, transport and distribution of dangerous goods as well as the generation of the relevant documentation, pre-shipment checks, etc.
RID, IMDG, IATA and ICAO regulations regulate the packaging and transport of dangerous goods for sea, air and rail transport.

UN-approved boxes and packaging

The transport of dangerous goods requires the use of UN-approved packaging.

Our wide range of UN-approved packaging, specifically for the transport of MMPP, strictly complies with the current European ADR and IATA regulations governing this type of packaging.

We make the transport of your dangerous goods safe.

Embalajes homologados  UN

Tecnisample, the method faster, simpler and safer to ship dangerous goods all over the world.

Dangerous goods consulting

The logistics of MMPPs requires a high degree of knowledge and specialisation. At Tecnisample we provide solutions for the logistics of Dangerous Goods, through personnel qualified in air (IATA) and land (ADR – RIMP) transport.

Our accreditation as shippers specialised in hazardous materials will allow us to provide solutions to your needs and we will guide and advise you on any aspect of full compliance with transport regulations in order to avoid delays in shipments, losses or heavy penalties.

> ADR Consulting

> IATA Consulting

Consulting de mercancías peligrosas

Document management specialised in hazardous materials

TECNISAMPLE has solid experience in handling shipments of dangerous goods and special samples, both for our air transport services and for logistics operators and freight forwarders.

Hazardous goods declarations

  • Safety Data Sheet USA
  • GHS – GHS Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Driver’s Written Instructions (ADR)
  • Labels

More than 25 years of experience in the preparation of hazard declarations for any substance or chemical product in compliance with the different regulations in force.

The safety data sheets provided by the client or manufacturer are essential to know the ideal procedures for handling, storing and transporting hazardous substances in order to prevent accidents at work and to facilitate first aid and prevention, extinguishing or decontamination tasks.

Gestión documental especializada en materias peligrosas