We advise you and take care of the whole process so that you can send your dangerous goods in compliance with the ADR regulations of the European Union.


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At Tecnisample we offer ADR consultancy services to help our clients comply with the international regulations and standards applicable to the transport of dangerous goods by road, including the required documentation, the selection of the appropriate means of transport, the packaging and labelling of goods, and the training of personnel.

Código ADR

What is ADR?

ADR, which stands for Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road, is an international agreement that establishes regulations and standards for the safe transport of dangerous goods by road.

ADR regulations apply to all member countries of the European Union and also to other countries that have ratified the agreement.
The ADR standard covers a wide range of aspects related to the transport of dangerous goods, including classification, packaging, labelling, documentation, training and transport safety.

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When shipping hazardous substances, safe and orderly transport by road must be ensured without harming human or animal health or the environment.

Who is interested in ADR?

ADR regulations must be taken into account by all persons involved in the handling, packaging or transport of hazardous materials.

According to the provisions of the national and international road transport of dangerous goods drivers (ADR), vehicle drivers or logistic operators must obtain the Dangerous Goods Transport Certificate of Competence (SRC5).
Transports must comply with the appropriate technical characteristics and obtain the vehicle’s certificate of conformity; a certificate issued by the competent authority of the country in which the vehicle is registered or the organisation authorised for the transport of dangerous goods.

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