We maintain control of the temperature of your goods throughout the entire process, guaranteeing their properties and safety from origin to destination.


Passive cold solutions, using isothermal packaging, for the transport of materials requiring a specific temperature range.

Passive cooling solutions

At Tecnisample we have been offering temperature-controlled logistics and transport solutions for more than 25 years.

We are committed to passive cold, which consists of using isothermal packaging, as opposed to active cold, which requires a vehicle (van or lorry) with an insulated chamber and motorised cold.

As a result of our experience and to strengthen the group, we created Fríobox to offer packaging and transport solutions with cold chain, as well as being manufacturers of dry ice.

Grupo Tecnisample – Friobox aims to provide a high quality and efficient temperature-controlled logistics service, both nationally and internationally, with a complete range of isothermal packaging.

El frío pasivo que consiste en la utilización de embalaje isotérmico

What is temperature-controlled logistics?

Temperature Controlled Logistics is an essential process for ensuring the quality and safety of temperature-sensitive products such as fresh food, pharmaceuticals, biologics and dangerous goods. It is a supply chain that maintains the right temperature at all stages of the process, from production to delivery.

Temperature control for domestic and international shipments

The solutions that allow Tecnisample to guarantee the maintenance of temperature control in shipments both nationally and internationally are:

Our line of isothermal packaging and containers for distribution and transport in temperature-controlled conditions are tested and validated solutions ready to be used without further requirements, which maintain stable temperature ranges for a specific period of time, guaranteeing the cold chain and allowing delivery times of up to 120 hours in very different environmental environments:

Tecnisample garantiza los rangos de temperatura en sus logísticas

Within these ranges we offer comprehensive temperature-controlled logistics services tailored to your needs.

  • Integral service: includes full support. Once the client provides us with the necessary data, our team will make a proposal for isothermal packaging and cooling material according to the different temperature ranges and for greater safety we can include monitoring of the interior temperature.
  • Management of R&D samples and temperature-controlled clinical trials.
  • Documentary advice in accordance with the required regulations. We are currently working on various projects and research studies of great international relevance.
  • Ex Works Service: Conditioning of the goods in our warehouses with packaging and refrigeration material such as accumulators or dry ice.
Custodia a temperatura controlada

Temperature controlled storage

Temperature-controlled storage is an exclusive Tecnisample service to facilitate the logistics of your temperature-controlled shipments.

Our refrigerated chamber and freezer cabinets allow us to temporarily store the products until the moment of dispatch, guaranteeing temperature control at all times.

In the case of clinical studies, we can act as a coordinating centre between the headquarters and the laboratories for the shipment of analysis samples.

Thanks to our facilities, we can collect, store and send samples anywhere in the world without interrupting the cold chain at any time and always complying with the transport and packaging regulations defined by international organisations.

Temperature controlled logistics applications

Temperature-controlled logistics is used in a variety of industries, some of the main ones being:

  • Food: Temperature-controlled logistics is essential for the transport and storage of fresh and frozen foods, such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and dairy products.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Medicines must be kept at a specific temperature to ensure their efficacy and safety. Temperature-controlled logistics is essential for the transport and storage of medicines.
  • Cosmetics: Many cosmetic products must be kept at a specific temperature to ensure quality and stability.
  • Chemicals: To ensure their safety and stability, many chemical products must be kept at a specific temperature.
  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology products such as live cells, viruses, bacteria, among others, require a controlled environment for transport and storage to ensure their stability and quality.

Temperature controlled logistics

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