Logistics of samples and dangerous goods respecting the cold chain at all times. We keep the temperature under control throughout the supply chain.


We respect the cold chain throughout the supply chain.

With our experience and commitment to the cold chain, Tecnisample is the ideal partner to guarantee the integrity of your products throughout the logistics process.

What is or coldchain?

The cold chain is a temperature-controlled management system used to maintain the quality and safety of perishable products, such as food, medicines and biological products, during transport and storage. It ensures that products are maintained in a specific and constant temperature range throughout the supply chain, from production to the final consumer, to preserve their freshness, safety and effectiveness.

Agents involved in the cold chain

In order to carry out logistics while respecting the cold chain, the following points must be taken into account:

  • Constant temperature monitoring: it is essential to maintain the right temperature throughout the entire transport process and its control.
  • Adequate packaging: it is necessary to use containers that maintain the temperature and protect the products from light, humidity and vibrations.
  • Transport: As we are committed to passive cold, we do not need a refrigerated vehicle to transport the products. Through commercial agreements with the main logistics operators, we provide worldwide coverage.
  • Temporary storage: Temporary storage facilities that meet the appropriate temperature requirements must be available.
  • Detailed documentation: a detailed record of temperature and other conditions must be kept throughout the process to ensure traceability and product safety.
  • Training and sensitisation of all involved: it is important that all people involved in logistics, including drivers, storekeepers and receiving staff, understand the importance of maintaining the cold chain and comply with the necessary requirements.

Do you need to respect the cold chain?

Tecnisample, the reliable partner to centralise your logistics, to guarantee the integrity and safety of your products at all times.

Biological substances requiring a cold chain

Sustancias biológicas que precisan de cadena de frío

With our temperature-controlled logistics solutions, we can remotely track and monitor at all times during the transport of the diagnostic sample.

We have a qualified team and our own resources, such as refrigerated and freezing chambers, to ensure that the goods or test specimens are kept in optimum conditions between transits.

Dangerous Goods requiring a cold chain

Mercancías Peligrosas que precisan cadena de fríoMercancías Peligrosas que precisan cadena de frío

Some dangerous goods require precise control of temperature and environmental conditions during transport, as a break in the cold chain can pose a serious risk to the safety of people or the environment and/or cause serious accidents.

At Tecnisample we work taking into account the main temperature ranges.

Tecnisample is the ideal partner for cold chain logistics.

The importance of not breaking the cold chain

At Tecnisample, we are committed to ensuring the integrity of the cold chain for sensitive products. We know how crucial it is to maintain the right temperature at all times to ensure safety and efficiency. That is why we provide our customers with a team of highly trained professionals and advanced technology to respect the cold chain.

We have specialised packaging that protects products from light, moisture and vibration and maintains the right temperature. In addition, we work with specialised transport companies that meet the necessary requirements to ensure the integrity of the cold chain.

Our warehouse meets the appropriate temperature requirements and we ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products at all times. We keep detailed records of temperature and other conditions throughout the process, and we sensitise and train everyone involved in logistics to understand the importance of respecting the cold chain.

We have the necessary resources, structure and knowledge to ensure that the products are delivered in the best conditions, meeting the necessary requirements. Tecnisample, the best option for the logistics of your products.