We provide specialised services to markets that manufacture or operate temperature-sensitive, infectious, hazardous or high-value products, which may require special packaging and logistics to ensure their safety and quality during transport and storage.


We offer specialised logistics solutions for markets that manufacture or operate with temperature-sensitive, infectious, hazardous or high-value products that may require special handling, packaging and logistics to ensure their safety and quality during transport and storage.

Our business centre is based on offering comprehensive services ranging from consultancy, documentation, handling, packaging or repackaging, temperature-controlled logistics and the transport of biomedical samples, special products or dangerous goods, as well as having a wide range of boxes and packaging for companies that require special logistics, covering any industrial sector.

Sectors in which we are particularly active

Life sciences

The transport and storage of sensitive or perishable products, tissues, organs, pharmaceuticals, biological products, vaccines and medical devices, among others, require careful handling and transport to maintain their quality and efficacy.

Research and Development R&D

For the R&D sector, it is essential to ensure that samples are handled and transported properly, to maintain control of the supply chain, to manage waste and recycling responsibly, and to comply with safety standards and regulations.


The biomedical sector requires ensuring the quality and efficacy of biomedical products throughout the transport and storage process. This includes temperature control, specialised packaging, monitoring and tracking, and regulatory compliance.


Product logistics in the pharmaceutical sector is a critical process for product safety and efficacy. It involves protecting the product from exposure to light, moisture, temperature extremes and contamination throughout the entire process, from production to patient administration.


Chemicals are hazardous materials that must be handled and transported with care to avoid accidents and harm to people or the environment. It is essential to comply with packaging and labelling regulations, as well as transport and storage safety protocols.

Logistics and Transport

As specialists in dangerous goods, biological substances and cold chain biological substances and products with a cold chain, which require very specific transport, we offer customised services for logistics operators according to the specific needs of the goods to be transported, both nationally and internationally.

Specialised packaging and logistics solutions

Customised services for sample management, transport of infectious products, dangerous or temperature-sensitive goods.