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The biomedical sector requires immediacy, but at the same time great rigour in logistics management. Tecnisample has been providing specialised logistics services for the biomedical sector for more than 25 years, helping to guarantee safety in an activity that provides important scientific advances in the field of health.

Biomedical research focuses on the collection and analysis of medical samples, e.g. blood and tissue samples, to assist doctors and medical support staff in diagnosing, treating and monitoring diseases.

The biomedical market is characterised by its “cooperative” and “network” structure, which implies the participation of a large number of actors in each project, from laboratories, research centres, clinics, hospitals, universities, institutes or foundations and public bodies or private companies, participating in an activity that is essential for society.

Sector biomédico

Tecnisample is your ideal partner for shipping samples worldwide with a secure, reliable and one-stop service.

Tecnisample is your ideal partner for shipping samples worldwide with a secure, reliable and one-stop service.

Tecnisample is your ideal partner for shipping samples worldwide with a secure, reliable and one-stop service.

Specialised logistics solutions for the biomedical sector

Gestión de muestras biomédicas
Tecnisample lleva más de 25 años aportando servicios logísticos especializados para el sector biomédico

Specialised logistics for the biomedical sector focuses on the transport and storage of medical, biological and pharmaceutical products that require careful handling to preserve their integrity and quality.

Some of the specific practices and techniques that Tecnisample makes available to the biomedical sector:

  • Sample management and transport: Samples are essential for biomedical research. It is important to ensure that samples are handled and transported properly to avoid any damage or contamination.
  • Temperature control: Many biomedical products, such as vaccines and blood products, are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Specialised logistics for the biomedical sector focuses on temperature control throughout the transport and storage process to ensure the quality and efficacy of the products.
  • Specialised handling and packaging: we have a wide variety of packaging suitable for the transport of biological substances, standard packaging or customised packaging made to our own designs, adapting to the specific needs of each client.
  • Monitoring and tracking: we have a wide range of data loggers to measure and monitor the environmental conditions and parameters of the samples, as well as to control the location during the entire transport and storage process.
  • Safety and compliance: biomedical products are subject to very strict regulations and standards, both in terms of safety practices in the handling, manipulation, packaging and packing of sensitive products and tracking procedures, as well as in obtaining the necessary permits and authorisations for import and export.

At Tecnisample we know that specialised logistics for the biomedical sector focuses on guaranteeing the quality and efficacy of biomedical products throughout the supply chain.

Temperature-controlled logistics is essential in the biomedical sector, especially in hospitals and laboratories, as many biomedical products and materials, such as medicines, vaccines, blood products, tissues, among others, must be kept at a specific temperature to ensure their safety and efficacy.


In the hospital environment, temperature-controlled logistics is applied in the transport of biomedical products from pharmacies to hospitalisation services, as well as in the storage of these products in pharmacies and treatment units. It is imperative to comply with health and product preservation regulations, so that samples arrive at the correct temperature, with the right biosafety conditions, in the required time and quality.


In laboratories and research centres, these logistics are applied in the transport and storage of samples and biological products, in compliance with safety and quality regulations.

It is essential that biomedical products and materials are kept in adequate conditions of safety and hygiene, as well as fast and efficient transport, in order to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the results of the analyses.

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