Packaging solutions for special products, biological substances, infectious substances and dangerous goods. Isothermal packaging and accessories for temperature-controlled logistics.


Tecnisample offers packaging solutions for special products, biological substances, infectious substances, dangerous goods and isothermal packaging and complements to guarantee temperature ranges and cold chain specially designed for multiple sectors, shipping options and delivery methods.

Packaging valid for the transport of diagnostic samples, infectious substances (category A) and biological substances (category B) in compliance with regulations.
Standard or custom-made packaging with our own or personalised designs, adapting to the specific needs of each client.

We have a wide range of combined packaging and single packagings for dangerous goods, which strictly comply with regulatory standards. Forget about complex dangerous goods regulations and ship with confidence, we have the most suitable formula for your needs.

Isothermal boxes for the transport and storage of all types of temperature-sensitive products and goods.
We manufacture and market a wide range of isothermal packaging in different sizes, materials and thicknesses, to offer the most suitable solution and guarantee the required temperature range.