We have a selection of plastic boxes with lids that ensure perfect conditions for the transport of samples and dangerous goods at controlled temperatures.


Plastic boxes with lids approved UN3373

The transport of biological substances or human, animal or plant samples for diagnostic or research purposes is regulated by the ADR, which sets out the rules for the classification, packaging and transport of such substances. According to this regulation, biological substances classified as 3373 must be packed and transported in line with packing instruction P650.

UN3373-approved, heavy-duty plastic boxes with integrated, protected hinged lids are available for safe and durable operation.

Easy and secure to close, they have ergonomic handles and can be sealed with bands or special plugs to contain containers or solids and comply with UN regulations.


Easy and safe closing

Base suitable for conveyor belts

Various labelling possibilities

Multiple sealing possibilities

Stackable and nestable, allowing for reduced storage space

Customisable, various labelling options

They can be used as overpacks for other materials previously packed in approved packagings, allowing different packagings to be grouped together, provided that the outside of the container is marked as an overpack and labelled with the labels identifying its contents (the same as the packagings it contains).

MMPP packaging solutions

A wide range of containers and packaging that strictly comply with regulations. The most suitable formulation for the transport of hazardous substances.