Complete line of products and solutions for the packaging and logistics of hazardous goods, according to European, ADR and IATA standards and approvals.


Specific packaging for any type of hazardous goods shipment

We have the largest range of containers and packaging on the market for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods.

Always in stock for immediate delivery, we work with different types of packaging for dangerous goods, from steel drums with fixed and removable lids to polyethylene drums and UN-approved 4G and 4GV boxes for the transport of hazardous goods by air, sea or land.

We make the transport of dangerous goods safe

Embalajes mercancías peligrosas

Check out our line of packaging for hazardous goods

Our combined packagings* are UN tested and approved with specific glass, plastic, metal and aluminium containers, different containers can only be used if a performance level is equivalent to the approved one.

In order to use non-tested inner packagings, special packagings must be used for outer packagings.

* Combination of packaging and packaging for transport, consisting of one or more inner packaging(s) anchored in one packaging

The applications of our combination packagings are as follows:

  • Hazard Classes: 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9
  • Packing Groups: I, II and III
  • ADR Substance Groups: a, b, c
  • Approval packaging codes: X, Y, Z

UN approved enclosures

UN approved 4G or 4GV cardboard boxes for the overpacking of dangerous goods.

They can hold inner containers of all types, such as glass, plastic, metal and aluminium.

Supplied with mounting details

Polyethylene drums and jerricans


Drums and jerricans made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Available in white and blue.

Suitable for holding a wide variety of solid and liquid products.

Capacities from 5L to 220L.

Steel drums

Bidones de acero con tapa fija o tapa móvil y bidones compuestos

Drums made of rolled steel sheet, suitable for containing and transporting liquids, semi-solids or solids.

Fixed lid or mobile lid drums or composite drums.

The interior finish can be neutral or EPOXI coated.

Capacities from 5L to 220L.

Plastic boxes with lids

Cajas isotérmica reutilizable ISOBIOTEC

Selection of plastic boxes with lids that ensure perfect conditions for the transport of samples and dangerous goods at controlled temperatures. UN approved.

Tapas de bisagra integradas y protegidas para un funcionamiento seguro y duradero.

Cierre fácil y seguro. Asas ergonómicas.

Apilables y encajables

Isothermal boxes UN approved

Cajas isotérmicas con paneles VIP

United Nations (UN) approved isothermal packaging for the transport of dangerous goods that require temperature control, refrigerated or frozen, during transport.

Insulating interior made of high-density expanded polyurethane foam.

They are complemented by the use of cold accumulators or dry ice.

Complements and accessories

Seals, intermediate e-packaging, filler material, MMPP adhesive labels, etc. Everything you need to make your dangerous goods shipments with total security.

Our accessories are validated and tested to comply with the most stringent dangerous goods regulations.

Don’t compromise and use approved material.

All our containers and packaging are UN approved for the transport of dangerous goods by air, land and sea, according to ICAO / IATA, ADR, RID and IMDG regulations.

Packaging and transport regulations for hazardous substances

The packaging systems for dangerous goods according to their mode of transport – road, rail, sea or air – at national and international level, are regulated according to ADR-RID, IMDG, IATA-OACI regulations.

  • ADR: International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.
  • RID: International Transport of Dangerous Goods by rail.
  • IMDG: International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.
  • IATA: International Air Transport Association that regulates air traffic worldwide.
  • ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organisation is the advisory body to the United Nations on International Civil Aviation.

MMPP packaging solutions

A wide range of containers and packaging that strictly comply with regulations. The most suitable formulation for the transport of hazardous substances.