Biomedical packaging

We preserve life, the most delicate good.

At Tecnisample we know the irreplaceable value of biomedical and pharmaceutical shipments.

That is why we have a wide assortment of boxes and special packaging specially designed for the transport of sensitive goods such as organs, tissues, blood, cord ubilical, semen, live specimens, cultivation, serums and vaccines.

Trust the leader and avoid risks. Give us a call today: we are here to help.

Diagnostic samples

The largest assortment of: isobiotec boxes, cooled and room temperature kits, stem cells transport kits and more, to cover the most diverse transportation needs of biomedical samples.

Secondary packaging

At Tecnisample we have a large stock of secondary packaging, of different features and capabilities, to meet your needs at any time and with at a very convenient cost.

Infectious substances

Certified packaging solutions accordingly to IATA P602 (air) and ADR 620 (road) packaging regulations to transport substances containing pathogens

Cryogenic packaging

Disposable drum for the transport of biological specimens at cryogenic temperatures of -196 ° C with liquid nitrogen. Approved for air shipping.

Sobre nosotros

Nuestra larga experiencia en el transporte de mercancias peligrosas o de temperatura controlada nos permite realizar toda la compleja tramitación de este tipo de cargas ante la inspección y las autoridades aduaneras.
Todo ello unido a nuestro impecable servicio de recogida, embalaje, almacenamiento y distribución hacen de Tecnisample el partner ideal y su único interlocutor para el envío de mercancías peligrosas o de temperatura controlada.



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