Stem cells transportation Kit

Today Cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood for therapeutic purposes is a strongly growing practice. That's why, new solutions to transport biological material at controlled temperature have been developed such as our brand new kit for stem cells and other biological materials transport. Fully developed by our company this kit consists of an outer micro-cardboard box and, an insulating core made of high-performance injected polyurethane foam  and a convenient removable handle for easy handling by future parents.

Our kits are fully customizable in terms of image and dimensions to meet your needs of transport of biological samples in terms of transit time or variable environmental conditions. 

Optionally we are able to offer rigid or flexible accumulators, blood-transport-approved security bags, temperatures registration systems, etc.


  • Tailor made projects in terms of dimensions and thickness of insulated materials for longer transits or adverse environmental conditions.
  • Our exclusive injected polyurethane technology allows more flexibility on shapes and sizes (even in short runs) because there is no need of moulds or matrices that can be remarkably expensive.
  • Regulation approved for transport of biological material


  • Transport of umbilical cord blood and other biological materials such as corneas, bone marrow, etc..

Other options
We can supply the kits with the following accessories:

  • Rigid or flexible thermal accumulators
  • Transit's temperature registration systems
  • Approved bags for biological material transport

Regulatory approval
UN 3373

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