Complements & accessories

All you need to ship your dangerous goods safely

Details are important when making a shipment of dangerous goods. A non-standard labeling or the lack of a security seal can be the difference between a shipment without incidents or the start of a long and costly process.

Our accessories are validated to meet the most demanding regulations on dangerous goods.

Do not take the chance: always use approved material for your shipments!

Hazardous goods labels

Labels for dangerous goods approved for: explosives, gases, flammable, oxidizing, toxic, infectious, radioactive, corrosive and several other types of dangerous goods.

Intermediate packaging

Theseare placed between objects or outer and inner packaging. (ADR 2003 European Agreement of Dangerous Goods by Road)

Security seals

We have all kind of security seals flange type, nail, band reinforced, etc. UN certified for hazardous goods according to current regulations.

Packing material

Vermiculite is a sterile material inert and incombustible very suitable as filler for packages containing hazardous liquids.

Sobre nosotros

Nuestra larga experiencia en el transporte de mercancias peligrosas o de temperatura controlada nos permite realizar toda la compleja tramitación de este tipo de cargas ante la inspección y las autoridades aduaneras.
Todo ello unido a nuestro impecable servicio de recogida, embalaje, almacenamiento y distribución hacen de Tecnisample el partner ideal y su único interlocutor para el envío de mercancías peligrosas o de temperatura controlada.



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