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UN Approved highly resistant plastic boxes with lids hinges integrated to be safeand durable. They have an easy and secure closureergonomic handles and can be sealed with bands or special plugs to contain packing or solid according to UN regulationsThey are easily stackable and fittable so it is possible to reduce significantly the storage space.


  • Stackable and fitable to optimize thrust space.
  • adequate base for conveyor belt
  • Different labeling possibilities
  • Multiple sealed options


It can be used as overpacked of other materials previously packaged in approved packaging. It allows grouping different packaging. This option has to be noted and labeled on the outside of the container.

Other options:

  • Can be personalized with different options for labelling or color of the boxes.

Capacities and measurementes:

Code Size Ext. (mm) Size Int. (mm) Volume
5105 400 x 300 x 275 325 x 277 x 238 20 litres
5109 400 x 300 x 320 320 x 222 x 285 23 litres
5102 500 x 300 x 274 422 x 227 x 239 25 litres
5103 600 x 400 x 275 528 x 328 x 238 45 litres
5107 600 x 400 x 320 523 x 323 x 283 52 litres
5100 600 x 400 x 374 527 x 315 x 315 60 litres


Approved by:

  • 4H2 Groups I y II

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