Drums made of sheet steel, suitable to contain a variety of liquid products. The interior can be neutral or epoxy coated.


  • Great mechanical strength
  • recyclable
  • Maintenance free
  • Waterproof: keep unchanged the properties of liquid they contain


  • Liquids and viscous products

Other options:

  • Absolutely secure locking system, with steel or plastic caps of 2 and 3/4 ".
  • Steel caps: can be treated on the inside with epoxy-phenolic lacquered, according to packaging requirements.
  • Plastic caps: can have an admission or expulsion valve. May include drain fitting.
  • Capsules: Security System and inviolability.
  • Capacities and measures:
  • Available from 1 lt. up to 220 lt.


  • Drums of fixed cover cap: 1A1
  • Steel Jerricans of fixed cover cap 3A

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Todo ello unido a nuestro impecable servicio de recogida, embalaje, almacenamiento y distribución hacen de Tecnisample el partner ideal y su único interlocutor para el envío de mercancías peligrosas o de temperatura controlada.



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