Drums made of rolled steel sheet, suitable for containing and transporting dangerous goods, liquids, semi-solids or solids.

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Tecnisample offers packaging solutions for special products, biological substances, infectious substances, dangerous goods and isothermal packaging and complements to guarantee temperature ranges and cold chain specially designed for multiple sectors, shipping options and delivery methods.

Bidones de acero con tapa fija o tapa móvil y bidones compuestos

Steel drums are classified into two groups, with fixed or movable lids, depending on whether the product to be packaged is solid, pasty, powdery or liquid.

Stainless steel drums with movable lids are suitable for the packaging of solid, powdery or pasty products and those with fixed lids for the packaging of liquid products.

Depending on the type of product to be transported, the inner wall of the drums or inner finish can be neutral (without coating, and therefore the product is in direct contact with the metal), or coated with EPOXI (or one of its derivatives).

The coatings reduce or slow down the atmospheric oxidation of the metal, as well as the aggressions that the metal can suffer when in contact with aggressive products.

Capacities from 5L to 220L.

Steel drums with fixed lid

Drums made of cold-rolled sheet steel, suitable for holding a wide variety of liquid and viscous products. Advantages:
  • High mechanical strength
  • Recyclable
  • No maintenance required
  • Impermeable: they keep the properties of the liquid they contain unaltered.
Capacities and sizes:
  • Available from 1 lt. up to 220 lt.
  • Fixed lid drums: 1 A 1
  • Fixed lid steel jerry cans: 3 A 1
Bidones de acero con tapa fija


  • The interior finish can be neutral or EPOXI coated.
  • Totally secure closure system, by means of 2 and 3/4″ caps, made of steel or plastic.
  • Steel caps: They can be treated on the inside with epoxy-phenolic lacquer, depending on the packaging requirements.
  • Plastic caps: They can have an inlet or outlet valve and can be fitted with emptying taps.
  • Capsules: Security and inviolability system.

Steel drums with movable lid

Drums made of welded steel sheet with removable steel lid and closure by means of leaf springs for solids or special leaf springs for liquids.

Suitable for solid, pasty or powdery products.

The interior finish can be neutral or EPOXI coated.


  • Easy opening and closing of the lid.


  • Interior finish can be neutral or EPOXI coated.
  • Customisable: can be decorated with the customer’s brand or product.
Bidones de acero con tapa móvil

Capacities and sizes:

  • Available from 5lt. to 220 lt.*.


  • Steel drums with movable lid: 1 A 2

Composite drums

Composite drums incorporate another plastic drum, usually made of high density polyethylene, inside.


Composite drums: 6 H A 1 (plastic receptacle with steel outer drum).

Bidones compuestos


All our containers and packaging are UN approved for the transport of dangerous goods by air, land and sea, according to ICAO / IATA, ADR, RID and IMDG regulations.