Tecnisample is fully committed to sustainable development and respect for the environment, which is why we invest every year in improving our products and processes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Tecnisample, a company committed to the environment

At Tecnisample we work towards sustainable, environmentally friendly development, optimising products and services to reduce our carbon footprint.

We develop innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions for the packaging and logistics of samples, special substances and dangerous goods, whether or not they require controlled temperature.

At TECNISAMPLE we are aware that sustainability in companies requires a business innovation effort of the magnitude of the challenge.

Combating climate change and decarbonising the economy is the biggest common challenge ahead of us.

Businesses have a crucial role to play in achieving a more sustainable economy, aligned with the mitigation and adaptation commitments included in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) criteria.

Tecnisample comprometida con la sostenibilidad

Advancing in sustainability allows us to gain in productivity by reducing our dependence on resources and raw materials.

In this way, we can access new markets and customers by adding value with new logistics services and more sustainable packaging, in accordance with the growing demands of environmental regulations.

All of this without prejudice to strict compliance with the conditions required by our speciality in the transport of biological samples, dangerous goods and special materials, temperature-controlled logistics and cold chain.

We join the companies around the world that are making progress in their objectives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to control climate change and achieve “NET ZERO” net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To achieve these goals, TECNISAMPLE is acting along two lines:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint in internal processes.
  • Eco-innovating in packaging and circular logistics services, to reduce the ecological footprint in the supply chain of our customers.

Tecnisample is committed to a sustainable logistics

Tecnisample apuesta por la sostenibilidad y el medio ambiente

Committed to sustainability, our logistics services are aimed at contributing to a more environmentally friendly supply chain.

Transport is a key activity with a lot of room for improvement towards sustainability goals.

From vehicles or means of transport that reduce CO2 emissions to maximising the use of space on each journey and the use of more sustainable, recyclable or reusable materials in packaging.

At TECNISAMPLE we are concerned about how all this affects the supply chain, so we develop a more eco-innovative relationship with suppliers and customers to constantly renew in “greener” logistics services and packaging that implements the circular economy while preserving at all times the required safety conditions and temperature ranges.

Our commitment is based on the use of sustainable materials and the development of a new generation of recyclable packaging and reusable packaging, combined with turnkey services such as reverse logistics, ranging from the transport of samples, to any special product or dangerous goods requiring cold chain or controlled temperature.

Our sustainable logistics objectives

Reduce CO2

Reducing all types of pollution, optimising or using less CO2 emitting means of transport


Responsible and rational use of resources and/or supplies. Increase recycling of packaging materials, reuse of boxes and containers, etc.

Increase recycling of packaging materials, reuse of boxes and containers, etc.


Calculate the carbon footprint of logistics operations, analyse its impact and, based on this, decide on the measures to be implemented to improve sustainability performance.


Implement supply chain optimisation measures from product and packaging to transport routes in order to minimise the environmental impact.

Implement supply chain optimisation measures from product and packaging to transport routes in order to minimise the environmental impact.

Benefits of sustainable logistics for our customers

By implementing and complying with environmental protection strategies in our services and products, we contribute to improving your social responsibility and reputation in the eyes of your customers and society.

Al implantar sistemas mediante tecnologías y energías renovables, reducimos las emisiones de CO2 generadas en nuestros procesos, lo que repercute positivamente en los productos y servicios que ofrecemos.

We adopt measures in logistics that increase efficiency, effectiveness and reduce costs.

We contribute, with all these benefits, to compliance with the ISO 14001 CERTIFICATE for Environmental Management Systems. This international standard allows us to optimise the management of resources and waste, reducing the environmental impact of our activities.